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Greenport North works to generate green energy sources for blue business, and to make the Port of Hirtshals an internationally known pioneer in sustainable port development.

We aim to optimise the framework conditions and value propositions in the Port of Hirtshals through new green energy solutions, sector coupling and circular economy.

We are facing enormous challenges in the areas of energy and climate both locally and internationally. To achieve the 2030 goals of a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions, we must accelerate the green transition and support the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy in the transport sector and the maritime industry.

We aim to create strong value propositions for the business community in the Port of Hirtshals through sector coupling and the development of circular, sustainable energy solutions for transport and industry. Residual products and surplus energy must be stored and reused in energy symbiosis.

We will generate green energy for blue business by redesigning the energy infrastructure and ensuring prime production conditions for new green fuels – hydrogen, methanol, biogas, ammonia – in a special GreenZone.

We invite companies, knowledge institutions, networks and investors to collaborate on green energy solutions and synergies in the Port of Hirtshals. Methods, models and technologies for the energy solutions of the future, developed in Hirtshals, can be used by ports all over the world.



2027 ambitions:

  • To offer green energy as standard – heating, electricity, gas, cooling, hydrogen and oxygen 
  • To have the framework conditions in place for production of new green fuels
  • To put into operation a Smart Energy System in which surplus heat is reused in industrial symbiosis
  • Have established partnerships and knowledge sharing with ports across the Kattegat, Skagerrak and the North Sea

Let us keep you updated with news about activities and events in Greenport North.

Nordsøen Science Park
Willemoesvej 2
9850 Hirtshals

+45 32674900